Followings are several projects originated by Xovee.

New Chinese Idioms

From May 2022 to present, self-motivated

New Chinese Idioms is a website that records the popular Internet-initiated Chinese four-word idioms used mainly by millennials and netizens. Though new Chinese idioms are challenged by some linguists who believe in Linguistic purism, we know that even for the most classical Chinese idioms, their legitimacy and popularity are not from the authorities.

CANV: Co-Authorship Network Visualization

From July 2021 to present, self-motivated

CANV, inspired by and based on webweb, is an interactive co-authorship network visualization tool. You can create your network (a standalone .html file) with a few steps in no time only if you have a dblp profile page (I plan to support Google Scholar profile in recent).


Mr. Xovee Xu, PhD student of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC), Chengdu, China

Dr. Andrew Y. Ng, Professor of Stanford University, CA, USA (at the time of 2021).


LaTeX Template of Curriculum Vitae

From July 2021 to present, self-motivated

LaTeX template for curriculum vitae (CV) designed by Xovee. You can download this template via GitHub and compile it locally, or use it online at Overleaf. Overleaf is a powerful online LaTeX editor, if you haven't tried it, click to have a try.


From May 2019 to present, self-motivated

UESTC-Course is a public resource repository on GitHub that contains review materials of courses of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC). The course materials are arranged and uploaded by students of UESTC. Xovee is the main creator and maintainer of this repo.

Background & Motivation

Every student in college, without a doubt, has to take a lot of courses and exams. Previously when I was an undergraduate student at UESTC, I prepare final course exams at the end of the semester. However, many times, I found many necessary course review materials are tough to obtain. On the one hand, examinees need to request materials from the students of higher class. On the other hand, examinees need to buy review materials from book stores (which are owned by third parties; these book stores collect review materials and test papers from students by paying them money every year; thus, they have the most comprehensive coverage of review materials of UESTC).

In both conditions, students need a lot of effort and money to obtain the review materials which, might be crucial for a good test score. Some students may not afford the money cost. Some students may not have the connection, awareness, or experience to obtain the necessary review materials, which results in injustice when taking the examination.

In May 2019, when I browsing the GitHub, I found a lot repos containing the course review materials for university students (e.g., USTC-Course, libpku, and zju-icicles). Motivated by these repos, I had an idea to create a similar repo in GitHub for UESTC students: an open-access and free platform to share and obtain course review materials. Then I discussed with my labmate, Morton Wang. We both think this would be a good idea, and then we started work on this project immediately. We designed the course index rule, repo directory organization, upload and arrangement rules, download method, copyright, so on and so forth. We initially uploaded the materials we possessed (most of them are computer-related courses), and then we invited others to share.

Creating such a repo is not an easy thing. You need to market it, maintain it, enlarge it, make it easy to use. Students without computer backgrounds didn't know GitHub at all, and many of them can't access Github (or with a terrible speed) due to the GFW. The number of resources in this repo, although increasing, is at a languid pace. Anyway, we are proud of what we have done. We thank all the contributors. It is a great pleasure to see if this repo helped students when they were preparing for the exams.

Current Status

Now, this repo is maintained solely by Xovee Xu. At the time of Jan 10 2022, it has 900+ stars and 180+ forks, ~5k views weekly, 900+ course materials in 90+ courses, and 13 contributors.

Tech Blogs

From Aug 2018 to present, self-motivated

Xovee Xu writes Chinese tech blogs in CSDN and Zhihu. Blog topics include artificial intelligence, machine learning, tech article translation, LaTeX, PyThon, etc. His 180+ blogs received more than 700K views and he ranked 4.4K among 30M CSDN users.


Chinese Translation of Neural Networks and Deep Learning

From Sep 2018 to May 2019, self-motivated

Neural Networks and Deep Learning is a popular free online book authored by Michael Nielsen. I translated this book into Simplified Chinese. Archived at CSDN and GitHub.


When I started to learn machine learning & deep learning, I found this online book and read it. It is quite interesting and useful and then I decided to translate it into Chinese thus I can (i) learn it again; (ii) practice my English & translation skill; (iii) provide a translation for Chinese readers.

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